Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Where one semester ends, a blog post begins

First of all, inevident as it may be, I still cared about my blog. Second of all, Spell Check is highlighting “inevident” and suggesting “in evident” instead. Suggesting that I have lost touch with spelling in general. Sad, ain’t it?
And though I very badly want to change “ain’t it” to “is it not”, I won’t do it, mainly because, the blog has kick-started back again, and I am mighty pleased by it, even with my spelling. Just went through one semester of college by the way, and only now do I feel that…
1. College isn’t what most people think it is:
Oh yes. For those who visualised lack of dress codes, bunking classes, teachers who’d give attendance despite you bunking class, awesome cafeterias and amazing and awesome teachers who would kindle the fire of learning and intuition, I apologise (except for maybe the Jeppiaar colleges, the canteens are to die for, it seems). And if you actually have a college that does all this, then thank God and move on. It won’t always cater to your interests, but to its own, which are securing a great name by students passing the exams with top marks. Which doesn’t always mean that people are taking an actual interest in the subject. So be wary, and if you are interested in your field, be careful not to get disillusioned by the homework, assignments, projects, records, exams and all, so that you still want to learn everything you can about what you love. After all, college is what YOU make it to be.
2. College isn’t what most people think it is:
The mind numbing, brain crunching, difficult and unexplainable portions, deadline after deadline of assignments, teachers who hate your guts, semester exams with papers meant to fail college students and what not. Guess what? It isn’t that big a deal. Yes, you have to submit your stuff, study and work, but yeah, you technically paid to undergo this, didn’t you? And once you do what is required, it is so much less straining on you. Studying for the semesters wasn’t so much the horrifying deal that the boards required. Just remember, God is with you and he got you in this, so he can get you through this. And yeah, the education system isn’t great, but then again, it all depends on how you can make the most of it. Figure it out, and you won’t carry self-inflicted burdens such as “What am I doing by studying here”, “Where am I going with this”, “What’s the use of writing this record”, “How can that teacher fail me” and what not.
Could it be so bad?!

Okay, ramble over. I promised what not, and I failed miserably. I even wrote some posts of my “second coming”, and guess what? They’re now in a little folder called “Mint Condition Junk”, so if you want them, one article costs 100 bucks. With the friends and family discount, it’s 80…
I’ve lost touch, bear with me! I’ve decided to post seriously from now on, and at 2 posts a fortnight, maybe. But now, I definitely feel much more "equipped" to post. There's much we need to know, and we are mostly guilty of forgetting that what we need! But what if we had a reminder, something like a posted note to tell us "This is the way, walk in it"?
Time we all reminded ourselves. Of rights, and of responsibilities.
*Looks over at article and feels scandalised by the shortness*


  1. Lol...I've learned that I can't rely on spell check entirely.
    I write a blog which I have entitled “Accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it. I’m your newest follower.

    1. Hey, thank you so much :) will return the favor!