Friday, 18 May 2012

In the beginning…

Imagine an idea. Imagine an idea as a person...

You could choose to abort the idea when still in the womb, but instead, you let it be born…when born, it is still frail, still weak, unable to walk, or talk…only surviving because you lovingly let it survive, and as a baby becomes the primary focus of its parents, the idea becomes your primary focus. Then, the idea becomes bigger, grows stronger, reinforced by your thoughts, your whims and fancies, and becomes something tangible, something you can feel.
Then, as it stays alive, it sees you. It becomes something like you, AND something you like. Just as a child takes to its parents, and becomes someone they truly love. The idea is rooted within you, and will flourish, as long as you feed it. And feeding a child is a well-known thing. But feeding an idea? Well, by discussing it, thinking and pondering over it, sometimes brooding over it, taking it to people who have had a similar idea and acquiring their counsel, you “feed” this idea. It becomes bigger and bigger, but is still powerless. But, why?
Well, no matter how much you feed a child, it wouldn’t amount to anything, unless you MOULD it. Work on bringing it up. Sweat at this task of raising it up, in the hope of seeing your idea amount to something big. And this idea, will grow up, just like a beautiful person who has the power to impact the lives of the people who see it.
And this, my friends, is how my blog was born.A frail and feeble idea in the back of my head, now a webpage which can be seen by anyone with internet access. I hope it inspires you, as it serves as a record of what has inspired and continues to inspire me.
You might have found this blog in many ways, most probably because I spammed your Facebook profile asking you to see this blog post. My humble request to you is to please keep visiting this blog, as I will be updating it A LOT more than my Facebook status. I am open to your suggestions, criticisms, and insults as well, and I promise you (well, those that know me a bit well at least) that I will make the blog interactive and interesting, and catering a bit to you. So if there are topics you’d like me to sound off on, posts which you want me to make a sequel for, or just plain shut up, I will do it for sure. Just contact me...
So, thanks a lot for actually reading this (even though that starting was a bit too much)! Hope this blog goes well, by God’s grace, and for God’s glory!


  1. awesome chris!...good luck! :)

  2. I'm glad I get to finally read what goes on in your mind :) Keep up the amazing work!

    1. thanks :) and keep watching this space :)