Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A few things blogging has taught me…

“Wait,” you might say. “Isn’t it way too soon for you to learn something from blogging?” Well, absolutely not! I wasn’t a frequent writer before blogging. The only time I did use my writing skills was during school English exams, for our school’s yearly magazine and the lone essay competition. That would mean maybe 10 or so essays PER YEAR. Now, to have 5 or so posts in 2 weeks is a real achievement for me, and a real brain twister. So, here’s what I’ve learnt.
·         You can’t force yourself to write if you’re stuck in a rut, and you don’t know how to continue what you’re writing. In my case, I can force myself to try and write something, but the result will be so stale and tasteless, that I end up deleting the whole thing.
·         K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid). ‘Nuff said.
·         I need people to keep giving me…er…how do I put it…”Post Headings”. The good thing about it is, I try to think of how I can write things in a way that it means something to the person who gave me the topic, and make my ideas as clear as possible (though I don’t always think I make it clear enough!).
·         I can’t develop an “original style of writing”. It naturally has to come (maybe I should post on this? Something on “Natural Ability”?).
·         Typing blog posts in advance is a great idea in theory, but highly draining when carried out. There were times when I couldn’t even get the strength to chat with Facebook friends after a long and arduous writing session.
·         Having a large vocabulary is like having a toolbox with all types of fancy stuff to open every screw of every size and shape! It’s fun to use, and they pretty much get you out of the “loss-for-words” syndrome.
·         Don’t write so much. I still have to learn that. ;)
·         God has anointed my writing. May sound a bit strange, but I’ve been facing this strange feeling to put in a Bible verse, or something Jesus said, into what I write. And this Bible verse/thing that Jesus said, comes right on time, right on target and suits the writing very well! It isn’t coming out of compulsion, like “Oh, I’m a Christian, I ought to show it by adding a Bible verse into my writing”. It feels much more like, God knows the problems and the situations I face. He will surely have something to say in this situation.
·         Humour comes spontaneously, or it doesn’t come at all. At least in my case…
·         I actually have a real interest in blogging now, and I hope to pursue it! It’s a creative medium, and it gives me the chance to use a creative medium to have an effect on the people who have genuine appreciation for blogging.
·         Criticism in any form, negative or positive, should be taken seriously and worked upon. Even if someone insults me with “You ******* *******” and what not, I should try to understand why he/she said that, and see if it’s worth working on. And I should make sure that when someone actually does hurt me with criticism, I’d be better off not taking it to heart!

·         More than 50 words: Blog post. Less than 50 words: Facebook status update. ;)

So, here you go peeps. There were a few inside jokes, some honest revelations into my life, and a few ground rules for blogging. Thank you all for reading my blog and offering your comments and suggestions. Keep watching this post!

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