Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Soon enough

Soon enough, you’ll realize that the next stage is not far
And it becomes tough, compared to the present where you are.
Soon enough, the things you stand for may make you grieve
And leave you stranded, not knowing what to believe.
Soon enough, the love you see
Will be something you consider mockery.
And soon enough, things will change
And solutions may seem beyond your range.

Soon enough, you will see
That life, though a gift, can be tragedy.
Soon enough, what used to make sense
Will now make you ever so tense.
Soon enough, life’s greatest gifts
Can be forgotten when your brain drifts
Toward worry, enslavement and bondage
And that does nothing for you, but discourage.

Soon enough, the weather will be different
And you’ll notice it changed due to the emotion imminent.
It’s all in the mind, you’ll realize
And problems can and must be solved, no matter the size.
When you’re on solid rock, a firm foundation,
Soon enough, the solution will never be out-of-station.
So, let Jesus take your life, keep it for his use
Take this offer and his saving grace, don’t refuse.
Then soon enough you’ll know that everything had a purpose,
That despite the harshness, it’s only good that God does.
He gives the situation, lets you lean on him and believe
And makes you someone worthy to receive
In his kingdom, that’s heaven, as the common folk say
And till you die, he’ll protect you, from you he’ll never stray.
Sure, this life tends to overwhelm and turn out rough,
But Jesus is in control, realize that soon enough!

Wrote this a while back, and did not feel like posting it at all. However, now seemed perfect. Kinda like, saved up for a rainy day, to brighten up your rainy day. 


  1. And it did.
    Mission successful.:)

  2. shaken faith. lost battles. sometimes it gets harder to keep up the belief.

    1. That's where your faith is tested. Things change, but they're always what you make of it. And who said God isn't willing to get you through it all? We need faith beyond us...that only God can give :)

  3. C.Nirmal Kumar8 April 2013 at 10:27

    Made me feel better ,Thanks for sharing.Keep posting.

  4. This was wonderful. Especially with graduation for me and all. It's very inspirational and thank you for reminding me of all that God does :)

    1. Thank you :) I actually wrote this poem right after finishing school! And yeah, we ought to continually remind ourselves of God's faithfulness!

  5. And I'm sorry I haven't posted in way too long :P New post on the way!

  6. Hey awesome man! Keep up the good work! It has a depth to it and works emotions! Cool one :) and yes i needed it!

    1. Hey, thanks :) btw, I've followed you now :P

  7. wow this one is beautiful. love the last stanza most! :) so grateful to know Jesus be lifted up high through many things including blogs! :)

    1. Thank you so much :) And as Jesus said, "If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." So yeah, the name of Jesus will be lifted up by anything that can be used for his purpose :)