Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dying Twice

Hey readers,
This is THE FIRST TIME that I had written a poem...and actually liked it. Otherwise, my poetry skills are pretty much next to nothing. I won't type an example of my poetry skills, so that I don't pull down the value of the poem I'm posting now...
But enough of my rambling. The poem is called "Dying Twice", and I'll leave it to you for interpretation.

Dying Twice

Grey scale paintings, monotonous tones,
Brighter hues had fled their thrones…
What was inside, echoed outside,
And from what I heard, his soul had died.

There were better colours in the outside world,
But those, he completely hurled
Away, and chose instead
To fill his heart with wanton dread.

No blacks, no whites…no absolutes.
Just grey, muddy, incoherent half-truths.
His whole world had lost its beauty,
“To restore it, my son, should be your duty!”

Well, I should have told him of life and the love
That’s given for free by our Father above!
But instead, I preferred to remain aloof,
And realised only after he jumped off the roof.

I agree it's a bit short, but it's my first time, so cut me some slack, all right? And, thanks for reading. :)